Experimental Film Society




Inside is an Experimental Film Society (EFS) production and is co-produced by Rouzbeh Rashidi, the founder and director of EFS.

EFS is an Irish company at the centre of a new wave of Irish experimental filmmaking. It grew out of the former Experimental Film Society collective, which Langan and Le Cain have long been associated with. EFS concentrates on nurturing film projects which reflect the distinctive cinematic vision that it developed over its eighteen-year existence as a not-for-profit collective. It produces films that are distinguished by an uncompromising devotion to personal, experimental cinema. These films adopt an exploratory, often lyrical approach to filmmaking and foreground mood, atmosphere, visual rhythms, and the sensory interplay of sound and image. It also curates screenings of experimental film mainly by filmmakers and artists associated with it, both nationally and internationally.

EFS was founded in 2000 in Tehran, Iran by Rashidi and has been based in Dublin, Ireland since 2004. As a film collective, it produced, co-produced, or otherwise assisted in the production of over fifty no-budget or very low-budget feature-length films and 500 short films. In 2011, EFS began to organise screenings, performances and talks, an initiative which has since resulted in over one hundred events all around the globe. In mid-2017, EFS became a company limited by guarantee to facilitate the increasingly ambitious and professionally funded projects it now focuses on.


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